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Eco-Friendly Content for B2B and B2C


Your product or service is good for the customer and good for the environment. Now you just need to tell the world about it.

I can help. I am a writer who specializes in writing content for Eco-friendly companies. I have written more than 300 articles and blog posts highlighting green products, services, destinations, conferences, and more. I know the concepts and terminology, but more importantly, I know how to break it down for the reader in a way that's both engaging and informative.

My Go Green Biz Blog has advice and information for YOU: the Eco-friendly business owner! Click here to read the blog.

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Interested in hiring a writer who understands the important impact of your business and how to help customers choose your green product or service over the competition? Send me an email and let's get started!


Mixed Media Art

Accepting Portrait Commissions


I am also a mixed media artist. I create portraits inspired by vintage photographs, combined with mixed media techniques and modern flair.

Each portrait is a unique combination of the past and present. Every piece has a story to tell.

Please click on the graphic above if you are interested in commissioning a portrait. I invite you to browse my portfolio and journal as well to help you get a sense of my style.

Questions or other art-related queries? Please email me at: