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For purchasing information on any of the listed paintings above, or to inquire about other paintings or commissions, just shoot me an email at artistjaimeleigh@yahoo.com


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I am a (mostly) self-taught mixed media painter. My art is textured and loaded with glitter, skulls, and random trinkets I've collected. You'll have a hard time not touching it! Skulls, metal pieces, real shark teeth and . . . dead insects. (Yes, I went there). My styles is a little darkness balanced with a little glitz and glam. Click below to see my portfolio, check out my 50 Skulls in 50 Days Project, or learn about commissioning a painting.


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When I make art, I like to have fun, first of all. Creating those first layers is like playing as a kid. First, I get to glue down torn paper, and then I throw on some paint colors (black and red, y'all). Then I bring out the big guns: Heavy gel medium. This is heavy textured clear medium that I randomly apply and then add beads, glitter, trinkets, fabric and anything else I fancy . . . real shark teeth? Yes. Dead insects? Um, yes. After that dries, I splatter ink, spray with a water bottle, drip glitter ink or metallic colors. I like a little glitz with my darkness, guys!

YouTube Art Conspiracy Theories Video

YouTube Halloween Mixed Media Art Time Lapse Video

YouTube “Mandela Effect” Video

YouTube “Art Supply Haul” Video

I went to the art supply store with one specific item in mind, and left with a little more than I intended to buy. But I got some great deals taking advantage of % off sales and a store coupon, so I decided to share my supply haul with you!

YouTube process video: “Everlong”

The video below is the creation of a hybrid art/hand lettering piece I created specifically for my Society 6 shop. The inspiration came from my love of skulls (of course) and the lyrics to the Foo Fighters song, “Everlong.” I have loved that song for years and I just love that opening lyric, and thought putting it in a skull gave the lyric an ironic meaning. To create the artwork, I first drew the skull and set it with Workable Fixative. Then, I did my hand lettering inside a skull shaped template so it would be a perfect fit to my drawing. I transferred the lettering to the skull drawing, then added ink, paint, and glitter to get the final result! Click the skull below to watch the time lapse video of me creating this artwork.

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