What is Mixed Media Collage Art, Anyway?

You might notice that many of my paintings are textured. Have you ever, maybe as a kid, gone to an art museum on a field trip? Do you remember standing in front of a painting or sculpture and had to hold your hands behind your back or stiffly at your side because all the signs said, "Don't Touch?"

I know, I know, fingerprints and hand oils ruin valuable paintings, etc., etc. But there's just something about a piece of art that makes people want to reach out and run their fingertips over the surface, whether it be smooth as glass or bumpy and textured.

My art wants you to touch it. (No, not like that, get your mind out of the gutter.)

Mixed media collage art is like a combination of those magazine collages you used to make in high school to hang on the wall of your bedroom, a painting, and a scrapbook. I guess you'd call it a hybrid, or a mash up. It's like all those YouTube artists who take a bunch of songs and smoosh them together and it sounds fresh and new.

My artwork is a combination of paint and other materials, all mashed up on the canvas. Creating them feels like when you were a kid and got out every art supply you owned: scissors and glue, pipe cleaners and glitter, markers and stickers and created one giant messy masterpiece.

How I went from traditional painting to making mixed media collages:

My "Evolution of an Artist" Infographic!