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My Art: Glitzy + Gloomy

I am a mixed media painter. My art is textured and loaded with glitter, skulls, and random trinkets I've collected. You'll have a hard time not touching it! Skulls, metal pieces, real shark teeth and . . . dead insects. (Yes, I went there). My styles is a little darkness balanced with a little glitz and glam. Click below to see my portfolio, check out my 50 Skulls in 50 Days Project, or learn about commissioning a painting.


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50 Skulls Project



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Darkness & Glitter: peek at my process!


When I make art, I like to have fun, first of all. Creating those first layers is like playing as a kid. First, I get to glue down torn paper, and then I throw on some paint colors (black and red, y'all). Then I bring out the big guns: Heavy gel medium. This is heavy textured clear medium that I randomly apply and then add beads, glitter, trinkets, fabric and anything else I fancy . . . real shark teeth? Yes. Dead insects? Um, yes. After that dries, I splatter ink, spray with a water bottle, drip glitter ink or metallic colors. I like a little glitz with my darkness, guys!

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