Apparently, My Inner Teenager Still Exists on

Apparently, My Inner Teenager Still Exists on

So, there's this app called

And you can record hilarious (or stupid) clips of yourself lip syncing?

And I'll stop talking in questions now because I'm even annoying myself?

I downloaded to my iPhone because my 11 year old daughter asked if she could use it. Turns out, it's wildly popular with middle schoolers. Although I didn't realize it until now, I am apparently still a middle schooler. Because the app is hilarious! And addictive.

It all started when my daughter did a funny clip and I told her to find one we could do together. Then we did, oh, I don't know . . . 80 more? We had a blast together recording ourselves.

There are a lot of things about the app that don't interest me. The comments are useless and there are so many dumb songs you can record yourself singing to. But in between are good songs, movie & TV clips, and funny quotes.

It's fun, interactive, and my kids love recording clips. Plus, since it's my account, I have complete control over it, so no funny business. For example, one of my daughter's actual IRL friends from her school recorded a clip of herself in what looks to be her bedroom doing something simple like practicing an instrument IN HER BRA AND UNDERWEAR. C'mon parents, really? A preteen putting herself online like that? It could be a bikini, but still. I showed my daughter and she said, "Don't worry Mom, I would never do that. That's just dumb. Plus, I don't want anyone seeing me like that!"

Let's hope it stays that way.

I'm sure - like a lot of things - it will have it's time in the sun and either grow in popularity, change, or fade away. But I've found myself having fun with it and doing something I was never comfortable doing before: being goofy in front of other people. Way out of my comfort zone, if truth be told. I was never one for busting a groove (unless I was by myself), acting (OMG, embarrassing!) or generally looking silly in front of others. My inner teenager is having a blast doing things I was to scared to let her do back when I actually was a teenager.

Plus, I found another fun way to use it by recording myself doing quick sketches to music. This is a challenge since it has to be fast and fairly accurate. As an artist, it's always good to stretch yourself out of your comfort zone, and this definitely does that. here are a few of my sketches:

Ok, gotta go for now! There's this song I've been wanting to sing...

(If you want to find us on the app, it's @jaimeleigh6). These will be minutes of your life that you'll never be able to get back. You're welcome.

"Resist Nothing"

"Resist Nothing"

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