I Choose to Be Positive About This Election, Even Though #ivotedforher

Note: I did not intend to write a political post! But this is what's in my heart, so here it comes. I originally wrote this for my Facebook page.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking since last night. For some reason, as soon as I saw one news item where it was revealed that Trump won 2 key states and the worldwide markets started panicking, I knew with certainty that the winner of this election would be the one I didn’t vote for.

Today, I checked my phone first thing and saw it in black and white, “President Trump.”

“Ah, shit,” was my thought. And I rolled over to enjoy another hour of sleep.

Here’s the thing: yesterday I cast my vote for Hilary. It’s no secret. There were simply things about Trump I personally couldn’t get past: his view of women, and people of ethnic backgrounds, his assholeness and that he hadn’t held a political office. He wasn’t my pick for president. But, he was the pick of much of the popular and electoral votes.

That’s reality. Wishing it wasn’t so won’t fix it.

Many feel sad-angry-worried-scared-shocked at this outcome. And it’s okay to feel sad-angry-worried-scared-shocked. We can process those feelings and be okay with them. And then it will be time to move on and continue living our lives and accepting the reality that for many, the President is a choice they didn’t make. But accepting this, not resisting it, is important because resisting it WILL NOT change the outcome. And accepting the outcome doesn’t mean you or I must agree with it.

So, in all my thinking about this, thoughts like:

“This isn’t a president I chose, but it is a President my NATION chose.”

“I got to cast my vote for my personal choice, and she didn’t win. She clearly wasn’t meant to win.”

“It may have been overwhelmingly a case of likability. The vast majority of people who didn’t vote for Hilary DON’T LIKE HER.”

“Even many people who voted for Trump “don’t like him” but still voted for him because he was the “lesser of 2 evils” in their eyes OR because they were on board with what he says he STANDS FOR.”

And that’s the thing I keep coming back to.

Ok-he’s not my choice. Ok-he seems largely unqualified for office; he’s never held office before! Ok-he seems like a racist, sexist asshole, yes.

But he also – strangely – embodies all this country is SUPPOSED TO stand for. Any natural born citizen has the right to become president, right?

Well – he just did! Our country just voted him president.

Why? Because he – a businessman and reality TV personality – declared his candidacy, traveled the country, debated, campaigned, gained the nomination of his party, gained momentum, and won. He did everything a candidate for president does.

Isn’t this how we SAY we want politics to work?? If he – a jerk in an orange skin suit – can be elected president, then

1. We just proved that America IS about FREEDOM of choice. (Even if many feel it’s a terrible choice). BOTH sides have a right to their choice IN THIS COUNTRY.

2. If Trump can be president, then damn it, why can’t I be whatever I want to be, or my kids for that matter? When we all say in the future, “I wonder if I could…?” The answer is yes, and the reason is, “Hell, look, we elected Trump president! Why not??”

I say none of this to be GLIB. We face real issues and problems ahead. I won’t make light of what is for many people in this country a SERIOUSLY terrifying proposition.

But the votes have been cast and we must do what we’re always sharing endless memes about: CHOOSING our REACTION because that’s the one thing we CAN control.

And I choose to believe that, Hey! This is what we say America is FOR. Many people felt pushed to choose a person they didn’t trust or agree with, so they said NO! And that’s our collective right as American citizens. To vote Clinton, or Trump, or 3rd Party candidates, or to even not vote at all.

BUT now we the people have spoken, and even if you don’t agree with your family member’s, or neighbor’s, or friend’s choice, this is still a country where they have a right to that choice. I choose to accept that this was decided even though I don’t like the decision. And to be inspired with the idea that Trump can get elected president, so who the hell knows what ELSE is possible?

I’m not so sure America is “broken.”

I’m also not so sure Trump can do what he promised.

But why – WHY- are we so quick to put our country down as “not great?” Just because the system we say we believe in worked, and someone who wasn’t supposed to even be running got elected? America never stopped being great!! It already was. Maybe this is our chance to open our eyes to see the PARTS that aren’t great and recognize the many, MANY things that still ARE great . . . and be GRATEFUL we live in this great, free, democracy of ours and fully accept that there are changes coming, scary things to deal with and a whole mess of people to help whose hearts are hurting and whose lives are threatened right now.

Focus on THAT and on THEM. Practice what we say we want to preach: love, tolerance, and acceptance. Don’t just say the words, BE the words.

I love the people who stuck to their guns and voted for Trump because they were fed up and wanted their opinions recognized. Go them!

I love the people who voted Clinton because, Yay! She’s a woman and she’s a pit bull, damn it. Go them!

I love the people who voted for third party candidates because they were fed up with the bullshit and didn’t want any part of the shit show. Go them!

I love the people who are here in our country BECAUSE they wanted to live in a great country. I love the people who are scared right now because they fear for our country.

Don’t hate the people who elected a president you didn’t choose, because that won’t fix anything. Love them because they’re your family, friends and we’re all in this together, literally.

And if you can’t love them, love yourself, your family, or your pet. Or your home. Or your country.

Love all of it because the negativity won’t fix shit.

That’s it. That’s my 2 cents.

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