Side-by-Side Sketchbook Drawings: My Daughter & I Draw Witches

Since I have learned how to correctly draw a person, my 11-year-old daughter Sophie has been very interested in learning how to draw faces herself. I've taught her the process and she even completed a drawing of a girl's face for a school assignment using what she learned. Last night she asked if I would help her draw a witch, and brought me my sketchbook. I decided to do a 2 page spread with me drawing on one side and letting her do her sketch on the facing page.

This was fun and the result was better than I expected. I decided to share the sketches here. I do a LOT of art at home, and since my office is right in the middle of things (Grand Central Station, practically), and that means the kids are often right there and I have two who are really into working on what I work on: Sophie and our 6-year-old, Macy. Macy really likes to draw what I've drawn and she's actually quite good! When she sees me creating something she likes, she will often do dozens of drawings of it, until she can pretty much replicate my drawings. It's kind of amazing!

I don't know if my kids will grow up to be artistic, and if they don't it's fine. But I do think it's important for them to see me pursuing my dream, to let them know that

1. It's important to go for your dreams, and

2. It's not easy and takes a lot of work, but it's worth it.

I want to encourage them to go for what they want, but also give them a realistic view of it. They have to know that it takes time, there will be mistakes, and failures, and that you just have to keep going.

I hope that I am helping them with those things. And also, when we draw together, we get to spend time hanging out and having fun. You can't beat that.

Here are the side-by-side sketches Sophie and I did:

Mine on the left and hers on the right.

Mine on the left and hers on the right.

Do you involve your kids in the pursuit of your dreams? Has it been successful, and what has it taught you and them? Do you think it's important to focus on your dreams, their dreams, or both? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!