Small Witch Painting Freebie

I don't travel light.

In fact, I can't go anywhere without - at minimum - my black sketchbook and a mechanical pencil. If I know I'll be gone for a while or if I'm riding as a passenger for a while, I turn into a bag lady: sketchbook, watercolors, Kindle, phone, a writing notebook, a book - possibly several - all because there exists in my mind the terrifying possibility that at some point in time, I might get bored. Or, an even more far-fetched possibility: the chaos of my usual life might magically disappear and I might be able to do my own thing.

P.S. This rarely happens. But a girl can dream...

On Monday, I took my daughter to her voice lesson. Parents are not allowed to be in the room while their children are having their lesson. I'm not sure if this policy is because Momagers? Or helicopter parents? Whatever the reason, we're banished to the holding cell - er, library - for the entirety of the lesson. And since the library was taken up during her last lesson by, I kid you not, two girls practicing tubas, I elect to go sit outside on the picnic benches and draw.

Since Halloween is fast approaching, I wanted to do something Halloweenish. After I drew a face, it felt right to add a witch's hat to her head and Voila! She became a witch. I couldn't finish her that day, but I did share my drawing on Instagram, where it seemed well liked, so I wanted to color her when I got the chance.

And because I wanted to have some fun, I decided I would turn the coloring part into a video. So on Tuesday, after I did ALL the things - Buy peanut butter! Take daughter to doctor! - I was able to sit and film a short clip of me coloring in the witch. Before I did, I had sprayed her with Workable Fixative so I wouldn't lose my pencil lines which almost turned out to be a HUGE mistake!

When I started to color with Tombow Markers and used my watercolor brush to blend it, the color started beading up in a really weird manner. I experienced a brief moment of horror before I decided to blot the beading with a towel. This process (marker, water, blot) ended up making a very cool texture so I went with it. Yay for happy accidents! Or, in the immortal words of Bob Ross (yep, still obsessed), "There are no mistakes, only happy accidents!" Yes, Bob, how right you are.


When my witch was finished, I wanted to share her, so I decided to create a free PDF for you to download. I also will include a JPG version in case a PDF doesn't work for you.

Here is the video of me creating her:

And here is where you can get your Freebie PDF:

Good Witch PDF Freebie

Here is the JPG, just in case:

Good Witch JPG Freebie

I tested the PDF as a 8.5 by 11 sheet and a 4 by 6 size on a regular paper size and both printed out fine on my own printer. But if you have any trouble, you can email me at and I will do my best to help!