**steps up to the mic. Taps it.**

"Is this thing on?"

Here is where I am supposed to tell you why I make art. In a nutshell, it's because I've tried to NOT make art, and I just can't live that way. It's like trying to live without breathing, or sunshine. Or chocolate. Some people garden. Some people climb mountains. Some people watch Judge Judy marathons in the afternoons from 3-4pm. I do art.

I am an Artist.

I create images in the mind of love,

of hate,

of happiness,

of fear.

I see the world in shades of color. Pieces of glass reflecting bits of the world.


dance across my canvas.

My art reveals pieces of me

(the things I show and the things I hide).

Life would be incomplete without art.

My art comes out when I'm sad-scared-angry-content-lost-happy.

I can't ignore art.

It is as necessary as air, sunlight, water, life.

Without art?

My world would be a darker, colder, scarier place.

I do not make art.

Art makes me. 

~Jaime Leigh


My Artist's Statement Manifesto:

Jaime Leigh: Hand Lettered artist's statement!

Jaime Leigh: Hand Lettered artist's statement!